The traditional teppanyaki of New Okura
A celebration of exquisite dining without pretense.

1981年 梅田・北新地で創業
Premium brand Japanese beef, carefully selected from various regions, including Kobe Beef.
We respond to exceptional ingredients with the highest culinary skills, embodying the essence of teppanyaki.
Designated Registered Shop by the Kobe Beef Distribution Promotion Council.

We accept reservations by phone


Menu offerings curated by chefs who prioritize the finest ingredients.

We aim to be a restaurant that constantly evolves by using seasonal ingredients from various regions in Japan. We carefully select not only the main ingredients like beef and seafood but also a variety of other ingredients, including handpicked vegetables sourced directly from farmers and fresh, premium fruits from a third-generation luxury fruit wholesaler. This allows us to deliver a new style of teppanyaki that goes beyond just beef and seafood.