From Kobe Beef to the finest ingredients, enjoy the legendary teppanyaki with over 40 years of tradition.

What we aim for is the 'pinnacle of hospitality.'

Exquisite cuisine and memorable hospitality.

The star of the show, our steak, is delicately grilled in small portions throughout, ensuring it is delivered in the best possible state from start to finish.
Please experience the style that has been preserved since the opening of New Okura.

We have live seafood in our fish tank for you to enjoy.

Our domestically sourced tiger prawns and spiny lobsters are limited to individuals that meet our restaurant's unique quality and size criteria.

We prioritize the most valuable variety of abalone, the 'black abalone,' with a substantial size of 200g or more.

We primarily source vegetables from contract farmers whom we personally visit and carefully select.

We pursue a commitment to excellence in every ingredient, from wine to champagne.

Please savor the essence of teppanyaki, where exceptional ingredients are treated with the utmost skill.